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How Communication Improves UPS performance

Communications capability is vital to the effectiveness and wellbeing of a UPS: While crucially facilitating orderly system shutdowns during extended power failures, it also allows continuous monitoring and pre-emptive maintenance of the UPS and batteries, as well as optimised management of the critical load. In this article, Ian Jackson, General Manager at Pure Power Systems,…
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UPS Terminology Explained

If you’re trying to specify a UPS system, you’ll find yourself confronted, as with any technology, by a fair amount of terminology – which could be confusing if you’re not familiar with it. Our Terminology Buster below is intended to clear away any such confusion. Do write to us and let us know if there…
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Maximising UPS system availability

UPS systems exist to supply clean power with near-perfect availability. It follows therefore that the UPSs themselves also have these levels of availability. In this article Ian Jackson, General Manager at Pure Power Systems, a Kohler company, looks at the key factors for this critical UPS characteristic – parallel redundancy, decentralised parallel architecture (DPA), and…
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