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UPS systems for smaller-scaled communications and network rooms

UPS systems are well-established in large-scale applications such as data centres. However, their protection is increasingly required for smaller environments such as communications and networking rooms, or building services equipment. While being scaled down, UPSs for these applications must still offer the same benefits as their larger counterparts, as the supported loads can be just…
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Why data centre PUE is important – and how UPS efficiency can boost it

Power Usage Effectiveness, or PUE, has become a popular metric for measuring the overall electrical energy efficiency of a data centre. It compares ‘useful’ power used for data processing with total power taken from the grid. In this article Brian Aver, Technical Support Manager at Pure Power Systems, a Kohler company, looks at the significance…
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Why do I need a UPS?

Why do I need a UPS? Today, data centres and other IT systems of any size inevitably rely on UPSs to safeguard their data processing and communications hardware – and the UPS’s role is not only critical, but active all the time. While it must shield sensitive loads from hopefully rare complete power outages, it…
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Is it time to consider Lithium-ion batteries?

Data centres and other installations needing power protection have traditionally favoured lead-acid batteries for UPS backup power, and the technology remains dominant today. Yet lithium-ion batteries have been commercially available for many years, and offer a demonstrably attractive alternative. This raises two questions: Why hasn’t the industry adopted lithium-ion solutions with greater enthusiasm, and is…
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