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Portfolio Category: STS

Master Switch STS 1

Master Switch STS Single-Phase 32Amp - 120Amp Master Switch Single-Phase (MMS) is part of the Master Switch range and offers solutions suitable for protecting single-phase loads with different power ratings. MMS is available in three sizes - 32A, 63A and 120 A - therefore able to satisfy various requirements for the protection of single phase…
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Master Switch STS 3

Master Switch STS Three Phase   100Amp-600Amp 3 pole & 4 pole   Installing a Master Switch static transfer switch provides additional resilience and protection from the disruption that can be caused by the failure of a single power source. The result is the absolute protection of industrial utilities and critical information technology against power…
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Multi Switch ATS (16A)

Multi Switch ATS (16A)   MULTI-SWITCH ATS provides power supply continuity for any installation. Its operating principle ensures higher reliability than a single UPS (with or without its own internal bypass). MULTI-SWITCH ATS provides direct distribution of eight 10AIEC supplies or one 16A IEC supply in a system with two input power supplies (two mains…
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Multi Switch (16A)

Multi Switch (16A)   MULTI-SWITCH is a rackmount source transfer switch that can supply up to eight loads from two AC power sources. Should one source fail, the other automatically powers the load. The sources can be two separate AC sources including mains power and UPS, or a combination of the two. The MULTI-SWITCH provides…
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