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Sentinel Dual HP

Sentinel Dual HP


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SENTINEL DUAL is the best solution for powering mission critical applicaitons and eletro-medical devices requiring maximum power reliability. The UPS is suitable for a wide variety of applications, offering a flexible format (tower or rack), digital display, communication options and user-replaceable batteries. The SENTINEL DUAL is available in 3.3-4 5-6-8-10 kVA models and uses On-line double conversion technology (VFI): the load is powered continuously by the inverter which supplies a sinusoidal voltage, filtered and stabilised in terms of voltage, form and frequency; in addition, the input and output filters significantly increase the load’s immunity to network disturbances and lightning strikes.

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Rack Mounting Rails (SDL 3300 to 6000) (600mm-1000mm), Rack Mounting Rails (SDL 8000 to 10000) (600mm-1000mm), SDL 3300 (3.3kVA/2.3kW, 6 minutes on full load), SDL 4000 (4.0kVA/2.4kW, 5 minutes on full load), SDL 5000 (5.0kVA/3.5kW, 8 minutes on full load), SDL 6000 (6.0kVA/4.2kW, 6 minutes on full load), SDL 8000 (8.0kVA/7.2kW, 8 minutes on full load), SDL 10000 (10kVA/9kW, 6 minutes on full load)